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I have been teaching piano lessons, saxophone lessons, and composition lessons in the greater Seattle area since 2015.  I mostly teach in-person lessons, driving to students' homes so they do not have to worry about travel arrangements.  I also teach remote video lessons for those who might not be within a reasonable driving range.  My lessons are heavily infused with music theory, which I believe to be particularly helpful for budding musicians in all stages of their musical journey, as it allows for the best launchpad into any future instrument or musical venture.  I also encourage students to share their favorite songs and pieces so that we can incorporate them into the repertoire.  If no sheet music is available for my students' favorite songs, I will transcribe it for them and teach the music theory surrounding that piece.  This leads to a key revelation in growing musicians:  understanding why does a piece of music makes us feel a certain way and realizing how to replicate those emotions with one's own musical compositions and improvisations.  If you are interested in building the foundation to become a skilled musician, please call or text me at 309-397-5225 or you may email me at  I look forward to bringing the gift of music to your home, your head, and your heart!


"Kyle is a very dedicated and disciplined piano teacher.  For the past four years, he helped my son build effective practice habits, coached him on excellent technique, and truly inspired him to continue to play piano and enjoy beautiful music pieces.  My son's own words: 'Kyle not only teaches me how to play but he makes me understand the piece.  He taught me so much, so fast.'"

.Roxana N-

"My son started learning piano when he was 8.  Kyle has been his piano teacher from the beginning for 4+ years.  We have stuck with Kyle because we love his teaching style.  His emphasis with our son has been ensuring he understands the theories and that is fun.

While Kyle puts more emphasis on music theories in general and on each musical piece, he has a knack for explaining them in simple terms and with the patience that even a beginner-level child feels comfortable learning.  This is a quality we really appreciate about Kyle.

Learning an instrument or any skill can sometimes feel monotonous, especially for a child.  Sometimes to mix things up, Kyle would encourage and guide our son to try pieces he likes even if it may be beyond his level at the time.

Something really touched my heart when our son was 9, he started loving the game Angry Birds' theme music.  So much so that he found the music sheet for it and asked Kyle to teach him.  Even though it was beyond our son's level at the time, to keep things fun and exciting Kyle added this piece to his teaching schedule.  After patient teaching and some perseverance, our son was finally able to play it well after almost a summer of learning.  He was extremely proud and excited when he could finally play the whole piece flawlessly.

Music and piano is a great skill to learn.  It helps the child to at the very minimum appreciate music.  It is also a good platform to build confidence, learn to overcome challenges, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  It is not always easy, but Kyle has really helped our son progress and enjoy the process.

Kyle Griffith is a passionate and patient piano teacher.  In addition, he is a very knowledgeable musician.  I highly recommend him as a piano/music teacher for your children!"

.Joyce X-


"I have been a student of Kyle's for about eight years and I have improved my playing and gained so much passion for music along the way.  Within the first year, I learned pieces like Für Elise and Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor (a duet with my younger sister).  This improved my confidence and helped me have fun playing with others.  His teaching style was very developed and thoughtful and made me feel like I had so much potential.


By the second year, I asked Kyle if I could learn River Flows in You by Yiruma and I can say this is one of the pieces which made me fall in love with piano.  At the beginning of the lesson, Kyle played the first page and I still remember the indescribable feeling I had which made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.  After that day, I would practice for hours after school, stubbornly trying to recreate the same sound.  And even though the notes were messy, and the tempo was staggered, at the time, it felt like I was putting the truest, most visceral expression of myself into sound.


From then on, I would find new pieces that inspired me and without fail, Kyle would encourage me to play whatever piece I wanted.  Sometimes the piece would be years about my experience level, but he would walk me through it, one measure at a time, then a system, and then a page.  A few pieces took me almost a year to complete, but it never felt like I was behind or moving slowly because I was simply trying my best and enjoying the process, no matter how stubborn and slow.  I also learned lots of music theory and compositional ideas which gave me a means of expressing my own original sound and emotion which I'll continue to develop even as I end my lessons and head to college.  Learning music with Kyle has been a terrific adventure that I highly recommend anyone to try."

.Thomas L-

Teaching piano lessons, saxophone lessons, music theory, and music composition in Seattle and online

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