“Dreams and Nightmares" (video game / co-composer, co-sound designer)

developed by CGDC, 2020-current

“Fat Roll" (video game / composer)

developed by Musty Creative LLC, 2019-current

“Money Well Spent" (podcast / composer)

directed by Dustin Jackson, 2019

“Strange Angel” (trailer / additional strings)

directed by Todd Killingsworth, 2018

produced by CBS

“Justice League Parody” (short film / composer)

directed by Jason Burgos, 2018

produced by Make 'Em Laugh Films

“Shhh! Quiet! God's Talkin'!” (musical / orchestrator)

written by Sherrill Morris and Roman Paul, 2000-2001

orchestrated by Kyle Griffith, 2014-2019

“Tricky Ninja” (video game / co-composer)

developed by AIE Seattle, 2014

“Split Screen” (short film / composer)

directed by Leah Franks, 2014

“Yesler Athletic Apparel” (commercial / composer)

directed by Vincent Chu, 2014

“Sam Roy” (short film / co-composer)

directed by David Ufkes, 2014

“Red” (short film / co-composer)

directed by Kaytee Pomeroy, 2014

“Ice Room” (short film / co-composer)

directed by Vincent Longo, 2014

“Flou” (short film / co-composer)

directed by Janice Lan, 2014

“The Trigger” (short film / co-composer)

directed by Brian Daniel Elliott, 2012

“Immunosuppressant” (short film / composer)

directed by Jonathan Lifflander, 2010



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Split Screen