Composed music for the CGDC Community Game "Dreams and Nightmares"

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Rescored "Caminandes 3 - Llamigos" for the Indie Film Music Contest

Orchestrated the musical "Shhh! Quiet! God's Talkin'!"

Composed by Roman Paul; Lyrics by Sherrill Morris

Rescored "Danny and the Wild Bunch" for the Zurich Film Music Competition

Wrote the music for the video game "Fat Roll"

I wrote an intro track for an upcoming podcast called "Money Well Spent"

I added orchestral strings to this trailer for the CBS show "Strange Angel"

Scored the short film "Split Screen"

directed by Leah Franks

Co-composed the score for the short film "Sam Roy"

My cue begins at 7:17 and ends at 8:35

AIE Tricky Ninja Gameplay Footage

2:18 - 3:07 is my track.  Enjoy the short demo!